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Registered Scrum Master™ (RSM) – A Comprehensive Analysis

RSM credential certificate


RSM, the Registered Scrum Master certification is a remarkable addition to the Agile certifications portfolio, offered by Scrum Inc. Founded by Jeff Sutherland, one of the co-creators of the Scrum framework, the RSM certification is gaining ground for its high-quality training and rapidly becoming a popular choice in the industry.

RSM Demand and Market Value

The RSM has made a robust entry into the Scrum Mastery field and is widely recognized as a highly desirable credential. It’s viewed by many as a compelling alternative to other widely recognized certifications like the CSM.


  • 1-year membership with Scrum Inc’s Agile Education Program
  • High standards of training ensuring mastery of Scrum principles

Where to Take Training for Certification

Training must be undertaken with a Registered Scrum Trainer™ (RST) of Scrum Inc., ensuring alignment with the quality and ethos of Scrum Inc’s training programs.

Eligibility for RSM Exam

Aspiring candidates must attend an in-person two-day (16 hours) or live online (14 hours) Registered Scrum Master™ course taught by an RST to be eligible for the exam.

Duration to Get RSM Certified

The entire certification process, including the 14-hour live online or 16-hour in-person course, study time, and the exam, can take as little as a few days.

Course and Exam Fees

  • Course Fee for Certification: $1,595 in the US
  • Application fee for certification: NA
  • Exam fee for certification: Included in the course fee

RSM Exam Format

  • Online test comprising of 30 multiple-choice questions
  • Duration: unlimited
  • Pass mark: 76%
  • Retake Fee for Certification: The second attempt is free if you attempt the exam within 30 days of course completion.


The RSM stands out for the high quality of credentials available today. Trainers are held to very high standards, subjected to annual peer review, and all credential aspirants must submit a public review of their trainer before receiving their certification.

Course Progression

Scrum Inc. offers other certifications such as Registered Product Owner™ (RPO) and several Scaling-focused credentials, allowing for further specialization and growth in the Scrum framework.


The Registered Scrum Master™ (RSM) certification from Scrum Inc. stands out for its commitment to quality and comprehensive understanding of Scrum principles. With a strong emphasis on trainer quality and student feedback, the RSM offers a unique pathway to mastering the Scrum framework. For those considering an intensive and robust Scrum Master certification, the RSM training offered by CAVU may be the perfect choice to embark on a successful Agile journey.

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