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ICP-ATF: ICAgile Certified Professional-Agile Team Facilitator – A Comprehensive Analysis

The ICP-ATF is an interesting certification in the Agile space. Differing from some of the more traditional Scrum-focused certifications, this framework-neutral approach has a broad application. It is the first step on ICAgile‘s Agile Team Coaching Track, leading to more advanced certifications in coaching.

ICP-ATF Demand

Not as widely recognized as some other Scrum Master credentials like CSM and RSM, ICP-ATF is still finding its niche. However, ICAgile’s certifications come with a strong recommendation rate, with 96% of their internal survey participants stating they would recommend the credential to others.

Benefits of ICP-ATF

  • Framework-Neutral: Does not focus on one particular framework, encouraging a broader understanding of Agile principles.
  • No Renewal Fees: Once certified, no ongoing fees are required.

Where to Take Training for ICP-ATF Certification

Training is available globally from any ICAgile member trainer or organization, including in-person, remote, and self-paced options for some credentials.

Eligibility for ICP-ATF Exam

Since there’s no standard exam, each ICAgile Trainer determines their own student assessment method.

Duration to Get Certified

The minimum time required is 14 hours, though timing varies by class.

Course Fee for Certification

Fees range between $450 and $1200.

Application Fee for Certification

N/A, as there is no standardized exam.

Exam Format

N/A, as there is no standardized exam.

Retake Fee for Certification

N/A, as there is no standardized exam.

Course Progression

The ICP-ATF is the starting point on the Agile Team Coaching Track, followed by ICP-ACC (Agile Coaching), leading to the expert-level ICE-AC (Expert in Agile Coaching).

ICAgile Agile Team Coaching Track Progression.
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ICAgile ensures quality by thoroughly screening its training partners and their courses. This maintains high standards for any courses leading to ICAgile credentials.


The ICAgile’s ICP-ATF certification offers a unique, framework-neutral approach to Agile principles. Unlike other credentials focused on specific frameworks, it provides flexibility and broad applicability. With quality training available globally and no standard exam, it’s tailored to individual needs and preferences. For those seeking an alternative with a focus on high-quality training, considering other certifications like the Registered Scrum Master (RSM) through CAVU may align well with your goals.

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