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Scrum Foundations is your go-to resource for learning the core principles of Scrum, including the 3-5-3-5 framework for roles, events, artifacts, and values. Get started on your Scrum journey with our comprehensive guides and build a strong foundation for agile success.


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Our Lean category explores the connection between Lean and Scrum and provides practical tools from Lean to enhance your Scrum methodology. Discover valuable insights and resources, including case studies and guides, to help you streamline your processes and maximize value.

Your Definition of Done

Do you have a Definition of Done? Or does your team say things like: “It’s done, but I just need...

Definition of Ready

Are you ready to go? More importantly, are your Product Backlog Items “Ready to be worked?” In this blog post...

What is a Scrum Sprint Cycle?

The Scrum Sprint Cycle is the core framework for Agile project management and software development. Scrum emphasizes iterative and incremental...

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