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Practical Scrum offers actionable tips and tricks to apply Scrum beyond theory. Learn how to work in a high-performing Scrum team with our comprehensive guides.


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OKRs in Agile enable a strong alignment between the day-to-day activities and the long-term vision of the organization, effectively bridging the gap between strategy and execution.


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Get practical solutions to common Scrum challenges with Scrum Patterns. Our comprehensive resources cover Scrum patterns, anti-patterns, and pattern languages. Learn the tools used to create high-performing teams.

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What is a Scrum Board?

A Scrum Board is a visual tool used in Agile project management to track the progress of work during a...

Agile vs Scrum: What is the difference?

If you are interested in project management, you may have heard of Agile and Scrum. These are two popular approaches...

5 Agile Estimation Principles

Providing an accurate answer to “How long?” and “How much?” is a fundamental component in organizational planning and alignment. The...

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